Padma Resort

padma resort

Padma Resort

Padma resort is designed for people who are in desperate need for relaxation and spending some time away from the daily drudgery .The specialty for our resort is it’s location just a 100 minutes drive from Dhaka and you will find yourself in front of the mighty Padma river. Then what, just a 5 minutes boat drive and you and your relaxation will be bonded together.

Amenities of Padma Resorts

Out door:
Lavish beach chairs in a vast green sandy beach for relaxation. Also real horse ride on the vast land through the river bank.

padma resort  food

Sample menu at Padma Resort

A well furnished restaurant that can accommodate formal dine for 120 persons that can be converted for conferencing too. A big open to air terrace to facilitate comfortable gathering, from where you can experience scenic beauty of the tranquil river, millions of twinkling stars etc.


Services at Padma Resort

Family & Friends

padma resorts louhojong, munshigonj

  • Short vacation
  • Birthday party
  • Relaxation
  • Family picnic
  • Weekend
  • Wedding ceremony
  • Day pass only


Cottage Rent for Padma Resorts

There are 16 wooden duplex cottages in Padma Resort. Each cottage contains one bed room with two single bed, one drawing room with one semi double bed and sofa set, two balcony and one bathroom.

Cottage rent for day long (10am – 6pm) @ Tk. 2,300/=

* Effective From 1st April 2012

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