Rangamati Water Front

Rangamati Water Front

Rangamati Water Front Entrance

Every People feel by heart to be with nature they find tranquility and rhythm of life. Unfortunately many of us are deprived from the touch of nature. For the sake of activities related to our business, profession and education, we had to choose urban life where we struggle with air Pollution, intolerable noise, hustle and bustle in our normal life. Over all life become fully a mechanical one. But we need a break to go back to nature to recharge ourselves. [More…]

Places to See Around Rangamati Water Front

Nice Place

One of the Nice Places at Rangamati Water Front

Picnic Spots:
We have Development quite a number of Picnic Spot to cater of the needs of both the corporate and social gathering. Each spot has its separate space, play ground with sufficient toilet and cooking facilities. Shelter or Shamiana may be prepared for each group on demand. Several sets of picnic menu are available to Suite your requirements. [More…]

Accommodations at Rangamati Water Front


Bed Room at Rangamati Water Front

After full day of activity, relax in our cottage overlook the swimming pool, a water stream sprinkling on the lazy pedestrian on the lazy pedestrian. Perfect sleeper mattresses, comforters and fluffy pillows these are just a few of the luxuries you’ll find in each cottage is independent with two well furnished bed rooms, family lounge with TV, verandahs to bed rooms and the living room and water bodies. [More…]

Food and Restaurant

Restaurant at Rangamati WaterFront


Rangamati invites guests to indulge to a variety of culinary option from casual to special delicacy cuisine. You may have casual Dining in our restaurant or Private Dining in your cottage. Every meal in the Rangamati is a Pleasant adventure. Guests of all ages enjoy the excellent food and themed setting. With busy schedules mixing out your calendar, finding that precious pocket of family time can be a challenge. [More…]

Conference Hall

Conference Room at Rangamati Waterfront

Conference Room

The top of the hillock provides for conference centre having capacity of 500 people. The conference is fully air-condition, sound system serene atmosphere with greeneries all around enough parking block for vehicles. All necessary equipments relating to conference, meeting, workshop, social gathering are available. [More…]

Picnic Spots

Picnic Spots at Rangamati WaterFront

Picnic Spots

Rangamati Water Front developed quite a number of picnic spots like Kamini, Jamini, Oparazita and Madhubilata to cater the needs of both corporate and social gathering,Each spot has separate playground with sufficient cooking facilities.Shamiana may be provided for each spot on demand. For each spot there is “Gazebbo” where the gents can sit and relax in between outdoor excursion and ladies can take care of the babies. [More…]

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