Room Tariff of Third Terrace Resort

Cottage Rent

Cottage Rack Rate Special Introductory Rate (12.5% discount)
Windsong- The Blue Cottage Tk. 4000/- (BDT) Tk. 3500/- (BDT)
Wildwood – The Green Cottage Tk. 4000/- (BDT) Tk. 3500/- (BDT)
Rooms Tk. 3000/- (BDT) Tk. 2625/- (BDT)
Extra Bed Tk. 600/- (BDT) Tk. 525/- (BDT)

third terrace bed room

Premises Rent

Upto 50 People Tk. 25000/- (BDT)
Upto 150 People Tk. 35000/- (BDT)
Upto 250 People Tk. 45000/- (BDT)

third terrace room view

* All prices are subject to 15% VAT and 10% Service Charge
* Also please note 9% VAT on food items
* We serve only pure filtered water and ice
* Price may vary depending on different factors

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