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Picnic Spots

We have Development quite a number of Picnic Spot to cater of the needs of both the corporate and social gathering. Each spot has its separate space, play ground with sufficient toilet and cooking facilities. Shelter or Shamiana may be prepared for each group on demand. Several sets of picnic menu are available to Suite your requirements. Rangamati Picnic Spots surrounded by deep forest are excellent in context of Bangladesh picnic culture.

Rangamati Water Front

Picnic Spot

Holding Music Event

In order to organize music evening or concert we have built Am phi theatre in the Forest surrounding.Rangamati has an exclusive place for those venerable ones who would like to treat themselves exclusively the take and enjoy the serenity of “maharaja” style. Bubble groom (hukka) with chess boards, cards and “Maharaja” tune will take you to a different world.

Nice Place

Picnic Spots at Rangamati WaterFront

Bar-B-Q Corner

Hill top Bar-B-Q corner within the cottage compound is for the residents to relax and enjoy in the serenity around swimming poll.

Love Corner

Away from the glaring eyes, young minds would love to enjoy the cozy corner from the top of an exclusive hillock, languishing in the hammock hanging from the trees.

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