Nahar Garden

Name of the spot : Nahar Garden
Address of the spot : Manikgonj
About this spot : Nahar garden is one of the beautiful picnic spot in Bangladesh. It is a a very silent place , a place for rural entertainment.It is located in Manikgong near Dhaka.Specilly the people of city area goes there to remember there village life.It is not a big area but decorated with nice things. There are many flower garden here. there is a pond . In the pond there are some boats. Anybody can enjoy boat riding. There is a dumy titanic at the end of the garden. There is also a small zoo. Where you can see, rubbit,hen,pecock & many kinds of birds. There are many coconut trees in it. We drunk sweet & cold water from green coconut.There is also a small spring infront of the gate. Some of us bathed there. beside Nahar gardan there is huge open space. We ran there so far as we can go.The place look so nice during the time of setting of the sun. In the garden there is also a nice mosque .Mosque is surrounded by the water . There are many statues of big & small elephents.We enjoyed the day very nicely

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